What is mobility token?

The Mobility Token (MOB) will be the primary currency for all operations performed on the data exchange and all transactions within our products. MOB will be used to reward active members of our community and build bridges with other mobility programs.

  • Sharing solutions

    We will foster and provide support to develop sharing programs and new decentralised business models.

  • Vehicles and infrastructure

    Promote innovative companies to help bring build the infrastructure and bring innovative products to the market.

  • Data exchange

    Blockchain based data exchange exists to provide access to data, anything from test vehicles, sharing programs and specific research.

  • Regulation

    For innovative regulators, smart cities and anyone who sees opportunities blocked by outdated regulation.

  • Community

    Join our diverse and active global community of transportation innovators and enthusiasts.

Open Bounty

Test Electric Cars and Earn Tokens

Our aim is to build a strong and open community of supporters and enthusiasts. Now you can test and research electric cars and earn MOB tokens.

Through the test drives and experience reviews we will kickstart the community and build awareness for adoption and demand for better mobility solutions.

40% of tokens will be distributed to all contributors as defined in the bounty program.

These tokens will be generated monthly (on-demand) and distributed to bounty hunters. For a more detail description of the various bounty aspects, please refer to our white paper.

Bounties will be offered for:

Test drives / Experience reviews / Translations / Telegram / Facebook / Outreach

Our Roadmap

JAN 2017 launched, start of the community

OCT 2017

Mobility Token Concept Created

MAR 2018

Open bounty announcement and launch

APR 2018

Token sale launch

MAY 2018

Charging stations POC

JULY 2018

Car dealers integration

AUG 2018

Expansion of charging stations

SEPT 2018

Open API for further integrations

JAN 2019

Mobility wallet launch

FEB 2020

Bounty program ends




Luke Szkudlarek


Mario Colombo


Gerti Sterling

Content and community manager

Brad Dias

Expert, Asian Markets

Stephen Fogel

Expert, North American and European

Ali Ă–mer Horzum

Bounty Campaign Manager


Navraj Basra


Alexei Strasser

Blockchain Strategy, Tokenomics


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