Review: Electra Meccanica SOLO

The SOLO is a three wheeled EV.

Tadpole trikes, or three wheeled vehicles with two wheels in the front, benefit from improved stability and decreased regulatory hurdles. And since the SOLO is legally considered to be a motorcycle, drivers can take advantage of most carpool lanes as well, a possible highlight for commuters.

The SOLO features an 82 hp (61 kW) AC motor rated for 128 ft-lbs (174 Nm) of torque and top speed of 82 mph (132 km/h). The 17.3 kWh battery should allow for 100 miles (160 km) of range. That larger battery pack can be recharged in either 3 or 6 hours from a 220V or 110V outlet, and can take advantage of level 2 chargers.


Key Specifications

  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: SOLO
  • First available: March 2020
  • Electric/Hybrid: Electric
  • Seats: 1
  • Acceleration to 100km/h (60mph): 8s
  • Range: 100 miles 160 km
  • Price: $15,400

Range & Battery

  • Battery options

    • Battery model: Lithium Ion
    • Battery capacity: 17.5 kWh
    • Battery Power: Up to 82 hp
    • Battery Range: 160 km
    • Electric drive unit: Rear Wheel Drive – AC Synchronous Electric Motor (82hp)


  • Charge time

    • Type of charger: J1772 Universal Connector Type 1 & Type 2
    • Fast charge time: At 220V = 3 hours (type 2)
    • Full charge time: At 110V = 6 hours (type 1)

Innovation & Self-driving

Although the SOLO is a rather basic due to its size, it still comes with features such as heated seats, Bluetooth stereo and a rear-view camera, power windows, over 10 cubic feet (285 L) of cargo space and air conditioning.

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