Review: Fisker EMotion EV

The Fisker EMotion will include a large curved front windscreen pushed forward, diving into an extremely low bonnet. The all-wheel drive sedan’s doors open in a partial gullwing fashion and are controlled by smartphone. The rear features an integrated spoiler and aggressive functional diffusor to aid aerodynamics, which will help achieve a 161 mph (260 Km/h) top speed and a 400-mile (640 KM) electric range.

Fisker has taken advantage of the newly developed electric power train layout by pushing the vehicle’s entire interior compartment forward and increasing the wheelbase with distinctively short front and rear overhangs, a layout that increases the interior space. The EMotion will feature a composite, carbon fiber and aluminum structure with an innovative battery integration.

The car will also be equipped with hardware that will allow fully autonomous driving. Quanergy will supply the the EMotion’s LIDAR  Level 4 self-driving abilities when it is released, employing sensor hardware and perception software. The five LIDAR sensors (one behind glass on its nose, the others near each of its wheels) help make self-driving a reality.

Key Specifications

  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: EMotion
  • First available: January 2020
  • Electric/Hybrid: Electric
  • Seats: 5
  • Range: 400 miles 640 km
  • Price: $129,000

Range & Battery

  • Battery options

    • Battery model: Lithium Graphene with a Fisker Solid State battery TBC
    • Battery capacity: 800V Battery Pack
    • Battery Power: 145 kWh
    • Battery Range: 400 miles
    • Electric drive unit: Ricardo 800 V electric power-train


  • Charge time

    • Type of charger: 800V Ultra Charger – 125 mile range after 9 minutes of charging
    • Fast charge time: TBC
    • Full charge time: TBC

Innovation & Self-driving

  • Three Driver-Oriented Screens, With Center Curved Screen
  • Inductive Charging Ports and Special Holders For Four Smartphones (Partially visible)
  • Carbon Fiber Center Console with Additional Storage Space for Tablets and Accessories
  • Four Individual, Electric Adjustable First-Class Seats
  • Optional 27″ Curved Rear Screen For “Chauffeur Edition”
  • Five Seats, Rear Bench Option
  • Individual Four Zone Electric Adjustable Tinted Roof: Electrochromic Glass in Collaboration with Lipik
  • Front LiDAR Integrated Flush Behind Front Wheel
  • Rear LiDAR Hidden in Lower Rear Rocker Panel
  • Doors Open/Close Controlled by Smartphone – With Exterior Unmovable Flush Touch Handles

More information and updates closer to the release date

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