Review: NIO EP9

Designed and engineered from the ground up, the EP9 delivers an unprecedented performance level and a driving experience unlike any other EV, with zero emissions. This kind of vehicle combination is a first in the EV world.

Each of the EP9’s wheels has its own motor and transmission, being all-wheel drive, and individual-wheel drive. The car has an advanced torque vectoring system that can adjust the power output to each wheel. The EP9’s battery can last up to 427 km (265 mi) before it needs to be charged. Recharging takes 45 minutes, and battery replacement takes 8 minutes. The car is equipped with an active suspension, including a ride height controller that makes 200 calculations per second.

The NIO EP9 broke the track record of 7:22:00 with a time of 7:05:12. It broke this record again in May 2017 racing around the 12-mile long track in 6:45.9, 6 seconds faster than the previous record for production vehicles. Additionally, on November 4, it smashed the EV record at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, recording a time of 1m 52.78s, eclipsing the previous record of 2m 40s.

The EP9 can accelerate from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.7 seconds, 200 km/h (0-124 mph) in 7.1 seconds, and 300 km/h (0-186 mph) in 15.9 seconds. The car can achieve a top speed of 313 km/h (194 mph).

Key Specifications

  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: EP9
  • First available: February 2017
  • Electric/Hybrid: Electric
  • Seats: 2
  • Acceleration to 100km/h (60mph): 2.7s
  • Range: 265 miles 427 km
  • Price: $1,400,000

Range & Battery

  • Battery options

    • Battery model: Lithium ION
    • Battery Capacity: 90 kWh
    • Battery Power: full electric powertrain at 777V
    • Battery Range: 427 kilometers range
    • Electric drive unit: all-wheel drive total power output of 1,341 hp


  • Charge time

    • Charging: 80% charge in 45 minutes
    • Battery Change: a change time of 8 minutes

Innovation & Self-driving


This is one of the few hypercars that can operate independently. The EP9 set an autonomous record at the Circuit of the Americas. It hit speeds of 160mph on its way to a laptime of 2m40.33s, compared to 2m11.3s when a human took the wheel.


The EP9 comes with a  digital experience in-tune with the user, powered by wearable technology. Interfaces respond to the intensity of the drive, instinctively simplifying and clarifying information. There are four screens: one on the driver’s side of the dashboard, one on the passenger’s side of the dashboard, one on the center console, and one on the steering wheel.

  • Dashboard screens – Both screens display performance data, but differ in function. The passenger-side screen displays only four measurements: the car’s top speed, lap time, and lateral G-forces, and the driver’s heart rate.
  • Center console screen – Displays performance data, lap times, and a track map with the car’s current position.
  • Steering wheel screen – The steering wheel is a simplified version of NextEV’s Formula E racing wheel, and is built by the same company.

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