Review: NIO ES8

The NIO ES8 is a 7-seater high-performance electric SUV exclusively for the China market. It is a mobile living space on wheels with performance in its DNA. Both the onboard NIO Pilot system, an advanced autonomous driving assistant system, and the first in-car intelligent AI system NOMI redefine the car ownership experience.

The ES8 is equipped with a 70-kilowatt-hour liquid-cooled battery pack comprised of cutting-edge VDA square cell batteries. These cells feature the highest energy density of their kind and provide a 2,000-charge lifecycle. The ES8’s drag coefficient is as low as 0.29. The ES8 achieves over 500 kilometers of range when constantly run at 60 kph, and the car achieves an NEDC range of 355 kilometers.

NIO unveils NIO Power, a new charging experience that allows the ES8’s battery to be swapped in three minutes. NIO Power also includes NIO Power Home, super charger network, and Power Mobile. Power Mobile is a brand-new power service product developed by NIO, which enables an ES8 to run 100 kilometers after charging for ten minutes. By 2020, NIO plans to build over 1,100 Power Swap Stations and deploy over 1,200 Power Mobile vehicles.

Key Specifications

  • Model: ES8
  • First available: December 2017
  • Electric/Hybrid: Electric
  • Seats: 7
  • Acceleration to 100km/h (60mph): 4.4s
  • Range: 220 miles 354 km
  • Price: $68,000
    Price: €55'000
    Price: £48'000

Range & Battery

  • Battery options

    • Battery model: Lithium Ion
    • Battery capacity: 70 kWh
    • Battery Range: 355 km (220 miles) of NEDC range or 500 km (310 miles) at 60 km/h (37 mph
    • Electric drive unit: two 240 kW motors (480 kW total) for all-wheel drive
  • Charge time

    • Type of charger: LV2 7. kWh or 11 kWh
    • Fast charge time: +100 km/62 miles in 10 minutes
    • Full charge time: NIO Power three-minute battery-swapping solution

Innovation & Self-driving

NIO launches NIO Pilot, its comprehensive advanced driver assistance system. NIO PILOT is enabled by 23 sensors, including a trifocal front-facing camera, four surround exterior cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a driver monitor camera. The ES8 is the world’s first vehicle to come equipped with the Mobileye EyeQ4, which has a computation capacity nine-times more powerful than its predecessors. NIO PILOT’s software and hardware suite enables subscribers to enjoy upgraded services through FOTA updates.

The ES8’s 3,010mm wheelbase is the longest in its class. It has 3 rows, and 7 seats that are configurable. The ES8 provides a completely new in-car experience with its Lounge Seat, Child-care Mode and other innovative features. The NAPPA Leather interior, PM 2.5 air purifier and premium sound system create a joyful driving experience.

NIO also introduces NOMI, the world’s first in-car AI system. Powered by both in-car and cloud computation, NOMI interacts with people sitting in the vehicle and its emotion engine gives users a friend on the road. NOMI combines the ES8’s intelligence and car connectivity functionalities to turn the ES8 into a fun, expressive, and intuitive companion that can listen, talk, and help drivers along the way.

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